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Skills Training Centres

CIE Thabiso Skills Institute

The CIE Thabiso Skills Institute is a support agency for faith-based skills development centres. These centres contribute to improving the lives of people living in the poorest and most marginalised communities by providing practical skills training to youth and the unemployed.

The role of CIE Thabiso Skills Institute is to create an enabling and conducive environment that assists the skills development centres to function as centres of excellence in skills development, employment creation and poverty alleviation.

CIE Thabiso Skills Institute objectives are to:

  • assist in accessing funding,
  • source or design skills development programmes,
  • co-ordinate and streamline the administration, management and delivery of educational and training programmes,
  • provide centralised assistance on accreditation, certification and quality assurance,
  • facilitate communication, networking and resource sharing,
  • develop and maintain a centralised depository of skills development and training materials,
  • assist in developing the capacity of centre management and staff,
  • assist in career guidance and job creation opportunities for learners,
  • provide centralised monitoring, evaluation and reporting,
  • broker strategic partnerships.


Draft Policy on Community Colleges

Draft National Policy for Community Colleges

CIE's Comment on the Draft National Policy for Community Colleges

Programmes offered by Skills Centres

The skills development centres affiliated with CIE Thabiso Skills Institute vary in size and focus. They range from small-scale, rural centres offering Adult Education and Training (AET) to large-scale, urban centres delivering accredited learning programmes. The skills programmes offered include:

  • welding
  • motor mechanics
  • basic business and accounting skills
  • computer training
  • electrical installation and repair
  • sewing, cooking and catering
  • carpentry
  • bricklaying
  • plumbing
  • appliance repair
  • upholstery
  • agriculture


In addition to these practical skills, most centres augment these learning programmes with additional training in a basic business course and the compulsory CIE Thabiso Life Skills Programme, which covers the following aspects: Self, The World of Work and Family, Community and Society.


Skills Development News

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