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Child Safeguarding Policy

Child Safeguarding Policy


CaSPA (the Catholic School Proprietor’s Association) is committed to keeping children safe, and aims to protect them in the school environment as much as it can. Therefore we present this Child Safeguarding Policy for use in all our schools. All schools and all staff-members must know the policy of their school about protecting children, and they should work to the standards set out in their policy. CaSPA is committed to making sure that the welfare and rights of children are promoted and protected, and that children are not harmed, exploited or abused.

This policy shows our schools what they must do to keep their children safe. The whole school community should adopt and implement this policy document.

To download the new policy for our Independent Schools, click here.

To download the new policy for our Public Schools on Private Property (PSPPs), click here.

To download the toolbox to help in implementing the Child Safeguarding Policy, click here.

To download the poster for our Child Safeguarding Campaign, click here.

Don't let anyone hurt you at school - Talk to an adult you can trust.

Email safechild@cie.org.za, phone Childine on 0800 055 555 or sms 43826


CIE supports poor Catholic schools in South Africa who have many desperate needs. We strive to give every child in our schools the education they deserve.