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Religious Education Curriculum for South African Catholic Schools

May 26, 2017



Fostering Hope, the policy for Religious Education in South African Catholic schools, calls for the adoption of a nationally agreed curriculum for this subject. It states on page 15:

We agree on common basic reference-points for the planning of each school's R.E. programme so as to facilitate common support and practical co-operation between schools.

In order to give effect to this policy a draft core curriculum has been developed on the basis of existing programmes – Lifebound in the primary school and CORD in the secondary. These programmes, however much they may have stood the test of time, need revision in the light of the new socio-cultural and religious realities of South Africa and the world in the 21st century.

As part of a consultative process, we invite Catholic schools to participate in a survey of the learners’ experience of Religious Education, so that their voice is taken into account. The survey is open to Grades 7-12, but the scope of participation may be restricted to certain grades if the school so chooses.

You can preview the questionnaire here.

You can download an application here.

You can download a pro-forma letter requesting parent permission here.


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