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Here are some statistics for Catholic schools:

  • There are 346 Catholic schools in South Africa. 250 are public schools on private property and 95 are independent schools.
  • There are 170 857 learners in Catholic schools, of whom:
    52.57% are girls,
    89.96% are black,
    26.53% are Catholic.
  • 6951 educators teach in Catholic schools and 2317 non teaching staff are employed by Catholic schools.
  • Fees charged by Catholic schools range significantly:
    54.67% of Catholic schools charge fees below R50 per year, with a further 51% charging fees between R50 and R100, and 11.61% between R100 and R500 per year.
  • In total 72.8% of Catholic schools charge below R500 a year.
  • Catholic schools have a proud and long tradition of providing education of high quality. This is most often reflected in the achievement of matriculants in the Senior Certificate Examinations. The matric pass rate for Catholic schools is continually above the national average.

There are two categories of Catholic schools in terms of the South African Schools Act:

  1. Public Schools on Private Property - These are schools on church-owned property. They were formerly called state-aided schools and now exist under Section 14 of the South African Schools Act (1996). Under agreements signed with provincial education departments the schools have the right to promote and preserve their special religious character.
  2. Independent Schools - These schools are owned by dioceses and religious congregations. The majority serve predominantly disadvantaged communities. 75% of these schools are in townships or rural areas often offering superior education in spite of being under resourced.


CIE supports poor Catholic schools in South Africa who have many desperate needs. We strive to give every child in our schools the education they deserve.