Shepherding Talent Leadership Course

CIE in partnership with St Mary’s Catholic University from England. The university has offered the course to us at a discounted price. This is an ideal opportunity to further the understanding of leading a Catholic school.

Available post: Principal Senior School, Springfield Convent School

The School Board offers an opportunity for a forward-looking leader to make a meaningful contribution to the vision of the school in the capacity of Principal of the Senior School (Grade 8 to Grade 12). Within our ethos, the Principal is the spiritual leader of the school community, responsible for implementing the Board’s strategic vision in the Senior School.


Leave Your Print 2023

Today, and on various days during the month of October and November 2023, many Catholic Schools around South Africa will be taking part in the Leave Your Print Campaign.

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Catholic Schools Congress Outcomes

In September 2019 the Congress delegates returned to their regions with an invigorated vision for Catholic Education. The time thereafter was dedicated to harvesting, summarising and articulating the submissions made at Congress.  

Letter to Principles, Educators and Teachers on Religious Education and Life Orientation

On the eve of the reopening of schools, Sr Kathy Gaylor wrote to principals and staff on behalf of the Catholic Board of Education. She recognised the vulnerability we feel, but spoke of the care and courage we can offer to each other – and the importance of hope. This letter is worth reading again – perhaps
as each set of learners return to school, particularly as we enter the ‘surge’ phase of the Covid-19 pandemic.


A Letter to School Leaders and Staff

As we look to reopen schools, as safely as we can, we think about these first few days: Face masks. Frequent handwashing. Physical distance. And we consider the state of our hearts: some joy at seeing each other after a long time; relief to be back at school and teaching or otherwise working; a sense of pressure to make up for ‘lost time’; worry as Covid-19 continues to move through our nation. It’s likely a mix of all of these – and more. 

COVID-19 update - To all Catholic Schools

All Catholic schools, both public and independent, must close by 18th March 2020 until after the Easter break. The CIE supports this proactive decision of President Ramaphosa declaring a State of Disaster and outlining the measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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Budget vote speech

Janice Seland Director of the CIE and Fr Peter John Pearson from Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office were invited to attend the Minister’s Budget Vote Speech in Parliament.